Cristian Crețu

Developer and designer making products that feel 'right' and faster. Focused on creating fluid and accessible interfaces.

Thinkering with digital art and creating visual interfaces. Experimenting with 3D and CAD modeling.

Interested in C, TypeScript, and Python. Curious about Rust and Swift. Building products using React and Next.js.

Enjoying sports, design, and music. I listen to a lot of lo-fi and electronic songs.

Recent endeavors

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My personal corner of the internet.

August 2021 - Present

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Esentza Robotics

This is where we make robots under the First Tech Challenge competition.

April 2022

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Keep the streak

GitHub Action that notifies the user when he is close to lose the commit streak.

April 2022

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This is where I worked on the front-end and design aspect of multiple projects.

2021 - March 2022

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Romanian Wordle

Weekend project where I built a romanian wordle version.

January 2022