A synopsis of Sam Altman

A synopsis of Sam Altman

Do a check-in for yourself, and see if you’re working on what you should be working on. Don’t be the college dropout that says that he’s going to solve all the world's problems in 3 months. But also don’t be corporate Andy. Provide value, and see if you’re working on what’s actually needed.

A decade is short but days are long. Don’t feel like you’re working incredibly just because you output a lot. That could be mediocre.

You have a set amount of cognitive load per day. Don’t spend it by doing urgent, but unimportant stuff. Spend it focusing on what’s actually important. Also, take breaks, and reflect on your work.

Have a beginner's mind about what might work and what might not. Try new things, constantly. Pursue a lot of things as quickly and cheaply as possible, and then be honest with yourself about the results.

If you can, try to take a year off in between jobs. That’s one of the best career decisions he ever took. In that year he read a lot of textbooks and learned about many different fields. He was interested in AI, nuclear engineering, synthetic biology, investing (more seriously), traveled a lot. Made a lot of connections - got caught up in life.

Recommends playing poker as a way to learn about the life, businesses, risks, psychology, etc.

Don’t skip sleeping, doing something else to feel more ‘productive’ is a terrible trade.