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On performance

May 25, 20232 min read
On performance

An essay on life performance.

  • sleep is the no. 1 prio
    • do not read this if you should sleep now
  • no. 2 is breaking the routine barrier
    • this means exercise (pain), or walk (different spaces), or staying in nature (feel)
  • no. 3 is hidration + diet
    • drink more water than you think you need
    • don't eat bad food in a chain
  • take care of your brain
    • read anything, books, publications, blog posts, Science Daily
    • learn new things, new skills, new languages
    • read something new & different each day
    • write, and dump anything & everything you have in your brain on a piece of paper
    • do a NSDR mid-day, before 3 pm to "restart" your day
  • do not neglect social life, we are social animals
    • talk to people, friends, family, and strangers
    • go out, do something, anything
    • do not stay in the same place for too long
  • remember, life is just normal distribution.
    • to get to the peak performance, you have to get through the parabola of stress (where you'll beat yourself up if you miss something from your routine), then fall into the valley of despair, then finally make up your structure, based on what you accumulated in the previous two slopes.
The Bell Curve
  • do not overthink it, just go with the flow
  • do not overthink it, just go with the flow
  • do not overthink it, just go with the flow
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