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Free ideas

July 05, 20233 min read
Free ideas

Time is limited on Earth, so here are some quick shower thoughts of apps/side projects you could build:

  • Whisper

    • an app that converts speech into notes
    • you can manually edit text, but only optionally, audio should be first
    • just brain dump ideas:
      • hold for quick ideas
      • tap for continuous recording
    • pinch out from note view to see the list of notes
  • Mutual Agreement Meetings

    • make an app where you send a link to meeting attendants, they should vote if the meeting should take place or not
    • three modes (set by the meeting host):
      • democratic: a majority of votes say no => cancel the meeting
      • all in all votes have to say yes => meeting takes place
      • totalitarian: the majority of votes say no => meeting takes place
    • all anonymous, only seen by people that you’ve shared the link with
    • connect zoom / meet account to delete the meetings
  • Global Pomodoro Timer

    • there exists only one, global, pomodoro timer: 25 minutes of focus, 5 minutes of break
    • use it and study alongside other people/friends
    • chat with people during breaks
    • manipulate the timer based on the no. of sessions
  • Green Light, Red Light Typer

    • wpm typer, but you can only type when it's green light
    • press one character when it's a red light to instantly lose
    • the game becomes to the most practical, not to the fastest typer
  • Tapes

    • users could make a video, and others could post their video on top of that
    • imagine reddit r/all image where it was a mayhem
      • this would be the global February tape for example
    • where each user could, for free, add like 10 seconds of video and audio if he wants
    • he could overwrite the current video or add it to the end
    • you could make private tapes with friends (max. 5)
    • create vlogs together, videos, etc.
    • add filter-based themes
      • users could only tape if their phone points to 130 degrees south
      • only if the red% of the image is > 250 and brightness is < 50
      • only if there are 12 degrees
      • only if they scan a QR code in the video

Share with me on Twitter if you got any inspiration from those app ideas! Will add more soon...

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