The future of the World

The future of the World

We're at a very interesting time on Earth. The probability that AGI is going to happen soon is high enough that you should take it seriously. Right now, this is just something that many people have not realised yet (including myself from some weeks prior to this) - the speed of computers of AI is going to increase by a lot in a very short amount of time 1.

In the last year, we've seen how LLM's (Large Language Models) are basically everywhere: from helping you with debugging some bug, or suggesting some diet / meal plan, to reflecting on your notes. You see tools like v0, where now it can generate consistent and clean UI's, or Deta's Create an App with AI - going from idea to working app in mere minutes.

Learning any new topic is enhanced deeply by those tools as well - any time I try to grasp or better comprehend any new topic, I see myself getting back to GPT for summaries, or better explanations / rephrasing.

Over the last couple of months, it's gotten only better and better, and it's hard to realise the speed of growth.

Unfortunately, a percentage of people that realised this growth, are trying to stop it, or slow it down.

A lot of people are pushing for EA (Effective Altruism), or trying to decelerate the growth, or regulate AI. I feel that this is only a delay, or even a killing of possibly the greatest achievement of our generation (or the whole species).

Instead, if we all could grind and share the knowledge to go faster and further together we could achieve great things 2 - e/acc (Effective Accelerationism).

Imagine if we're now at step 1. of GPT - where it's basically just imitating humans 3 - how it could be even more useful (talking 100x), when we get to step 2. where it gets better and better by self improving (see AlphaGo and how it had no human intervention and was not using any historical data 4).

It's important that when we reach the point of AGI, it's not something fixed in a hands of a few powerful people 5, but rather somehow built as a cooperation between multiple countries, or even down to individuals.

As AI rapidly evolves, our focus should be on collaborative achievements rather than restrictive regulation - ensuring the democratization of this technology for the benefit of all humanity. This pivotal moment invites us to envision a future where AGI exponentially increases human potential through shared global effort.